Part One of the “Being Keith Jones” Trilogy – The Puritan

“Being Keith Jones” Trilogy, Part 1 – The Puritan


Length: 68 Minutes
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Product Description

Keith Jones has a spanking obsession. It’s interfering with his ability to have a “modern” relationship, so he decides he needs to do something about it. He’s been recommended to Erica Scott, who uses hypnosis and past life regression to get to the root of her clients’ problems. She’s a bit taken aback when she learns that Keith’s problem is that he likes to “spank women’s bottoms,” but she agrees to try to help him, through past life regression, uncover the “roots” of his problem,

With Erica’s help, Keith travels back to Puritan America, where he is Samuel Rodgers. There Keith – as Samuel – must deal with a disobedient daughter, her mischievous friend, as well as a spiteful local widow, who looks A LOT like modern-day Erica.

Shot on location, with professional costuming, in digital format, and with Dolby Surround Sound, The Puritan demonstrates what a spanking movie should be! The DVD version of the film includes a Director’s Commentary, as well as bloopers and a copy of the spanklet “Learning His Lines.”

Puritan Bloopers

Production Still Photos From “The Puritan”


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