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Being Keith Jones Trilogy

March Madness Spanking Movie Special!

For a limited time you can now get the complete “Being Keith Jones” Trilogy for a great discount price.
Keith Jones has a spanking obsession. It’s interfering with his ability to have a “modern” relationship, so he decides he needs to do something about it. He’s been recommended to Erica Scott, who uses hypnosis and past life regression to get to the root of her clients’ problems. She’s a bit taken aback when she learns that Keith’s problem is that he likes to “spank women’s bottoms,” but she agrees to try to help him, through past life regression, uncover the “roots” of his problem.
In this original Spanking Epics series:
“Being Keith Jones” Trilogy, Part 1 – The Puritan
With Erica’s help, Keith travels back to Puritan America, where he is Samuel Rodgers. There Keith – as Samuel – must deal with a disobedient daughter, her mischievous friend, as well as a spiteful local widow, who looks A LOT like modern-day Erica. Length: 68 Minutes
Keith Jones wants to return for another session of Erica Scott’s “past life regression” therapy, but she’s not so sure. He manages to convince her to give it one more try.This time, Keith awakes in a very different time and place – nineteenth century Carson’s Gap, Montana – as Sheriff Frank Tucker.Carson’s Gap is a sleepy little town with no trouble, and Frank is determined to keep it that way. But one sunny morning, trouble shows up – with a capital “T.” When three comely nuns get off the stage coach, all Hell breaks loose!  Length: 119 Minutes
When Keith Jones first visits therapist Erica Scott for help with his “troubling” spanking fixation, he’s a bit skeptical of “past life regression,” but is willing to give anything a try.The first two movies in the Trilogy, The Puritan and Trouble in Carson’s Gap show what happens in Keith’s first two visits with Erica. Erica decides that the therapy is not working, but Keith decides it IS working – all too well. In The Reckoning, Keith turns the tables on Erica. Length: 105 Minutes

And, as a bonus feature, this bundle includes ‘Learning His Lines“.

“Learning His Lines” is a behind the scenes featurette from “Being Keith Jones”. It’s between scenes, and Keith is desperately trying to review his lines for the next scene. Eslynne, of course, has learned her lines weeks earlier, and can’t help but point out to Keith how “behind” he is. Finally, Eslynne’s teasing gets to be too much, and Keith decides to “learn his lines” a different way. Our head camera guy just happened to be walking by and decided to catch it on film. This is a totally light-hearted spanklet, as two real “players” both on camera and off, banter and tease their way through what turns out to be a pretty sound spanking! Everyone will particularly enjoy Eslynne trying to make fun of Keith’s New Jersey accent. But Eslynne is from the south, and just can’t get it quite right!  Length: 10 Minutes

Get hours of authentic classic spanking movies that all go together now for one low price! 

Spanking Epics Adds Wasteland BDSM Movies To Its Library

Today, legacy spanking and domestic discipline movie site added a “BDSM” movie section, offering some of the best movies ever produced for instant download.

What most folks don’t know, is that SpankingEpics and Wasteland have been kissing cousins for almost 20 years now, sharing the same production crews, actors and values.

When asked why this relationship has not been publicized, Wasteland founder Colin Rowntree shares, “Over the past 20 years, we took great effort in keeping the SpankingEpics productions separate from those of Wasteland.  This was mostly out of concern that “hard bdsm” is often avoided by people in the spanking community and we did not want to offend anyone with presenting movies out of their comfort zone.  

About a year ago, however (coinciding with the rampant popularity of the Fifty Shades of Gray” trilogy), we began to get a surge in SpankingEpics customers asking for things “a little harder”.  So, it just made sense for us to include a carefully selected library of Wasteland BDSM movies on  One of the things that sets Wasteland apart from the usual “porn sites” is that our films focus on real couples that are really into BDSM and Kinky Sex.  So, at this point, it felt appropriate to include selected Wasteland movies on Epics.”

The other bit of news is that Colin (inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2012) is also the director of all Spanking Epics films, under the moniker of Jack Hemingway!

Being careful not to shock or offend our long-time domestic discipline customers at SpankingEpics, the Wasteland BDSM library is in its own little area, with a very clear warning that the films in this section include full nudity, sex and authentic bdsm.

Take a deep breath and have a look! It’s all real couples that go a bit “harder” than our traditional spanking movies!

Keith Jones Spanking

Welcome Back!

We are pleased to announce our re-launch of Launched in 2001, SpankingEpics is the producer of high quality spanking feature films and short works created by and for members of the spanking and domestic discipline communities. Written by Bethany Burke and directed by Jack Hemingway, our library is second-to-none for high production values, authentic story lines and, of course, hard spankings!

In this new version of our site, we offer you our now digitally re-mastered feature films and short subjects for instant download, as well as mail order options for our DVDs of full length films.

We hope you will enjoy our collection!

[Photo: From Our Spanking Western Movie, “Trouble in Carsons Gap”, Keith Jones gives Erica Scott a great over the knee spanking in the style of John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in McLintock!]