Whipping in the Woods


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

Naked redhead, Lavender, is blindfolded, gagged and has her wrists bound and chained. She is being forced to walk along a road through the Estate past a house, where she can be seen getting whipped. She is taken to a tree and made to stand against it presenting her back and bottom for a long whipping with a heavy, many tailed whip. After turning them bright red with the flogging, her Master picks up a large, heavy leather paddle and smacks her sore looking butt again and again. Though she is showing some bruises now, He decides she needs a little more, and he picks up a whippy, rattan cane. He starts to thrash her ass and thighs with it, and each stroke seems to leave a fresh new welts and lines across both her cheeks. Finally, he picks up an even thicker rattan cane and raises fresh new set of welts on her poor bottom.

After that, he turns her around and gives her some strokes across the front of her thighs and even her breasts before the session ends