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Thrashed for Flaking


Length: 21 Minutes
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Product Description

Luscious redhead, Lavender, a resident lazy brat, is lounging around on the couch texting and drinking her Uncle’s booze.

She is just about to light up a cigarette when her Uncle comes into the room, and catches her, making her quickly put them away and claim she was just counting how many she had left ! Her Uncle just laughs at her poor excuse and sits down, telling Lavender that he has just had an email from her parents. He goes on to explain that her parents asked how Lavender’s job was going, and then asks Lavender why she lied about the job and never went in to start her employment. Lavender, as quick thinking as ever, concocts the story that her job was postponed for a week and that she was going to start it soon. Naturally, her Uncle doesn’t buy any of her story and yanks her over his lap, raising her short skirt in the process revealing that she is wearing no panties. He begins to spank her bare ass nice and hard, while Lavender carries on with her fabricating of her story to try and lie her way out of trouble. With her butt turned a bright red from some heavy hand smacks, her Uncle soon marches off to fetch his paddles and canes. The smart ass redhead is given a thorough thrashing, leaving her bottom welted and very sore by the time she eventually apologizes.