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The Trophy Wife


Length: 12 Minutes
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Veronica is a twenty-two year old wife, married to a very successful older man. He’s been indulgent for the first six months of the marriage, probably overly so . But one night, Sam is unavoidably delayed, and Veronica throws a fit about going to an important event because they’re going to be a few minutes late. Sam knows perfectly well that she ignored the call waiting, repeatedly, and he has had enough.

Veronica finds out that her husband did not become a successful CEO by being a push-over, and if she thinks for one second that he can’t handle a twenty-two year old “trophy wife,” she’s got another thing coming. And that thing is probably a spanking.

In short order, this bratty young wife finds herself over her husband’s knee for – first – a hard hand spanking, and then a good belt butt whipping. But it has the desired effect – Veronica gains new respect for her husband and new appreciation for her responsibilities.

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