town gossips get punished

The Town Gossip


Length: 16 Minutes
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Product Description

Susan and Wade are respectable business people in their small country town. But when Susan’s gossiping with her friend Victoria starts to hurt Wade’s business in the store, spankings are in order.

Susan is not particularly pennitent, so it’s skirts up, bloomers down, on the very bare bottom with Wade’s favorite “attitude adjuster” the old-fashioned wooden paddle. And who should show up right in the middle of it? Victoria, Susan’s favorite gossip buddy.

Wade has had it, and he decides if they make trouble together, they’re going to get spanked together, and pretty soon, he’s got two adorable and rapidly reddening bottoms bent over next to each other on the sofa.

Does the spanking do any good? You’ll just have to order this extra-long (16 minutes) spanklet, featuring Keith Jones, Sierra Salem, and Erica Scott, to find out!