The Schoolmaster’s Revenge

The Schoolmaster’s Revenge


Length: 59 Minutes
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Starring: Keith Jones, Erica Scott, Lamia Dalion, Eslynne Weaver, and Miklos ToldiThe Schoolmaster’s Revenge is set in Virginia in 1914. It tells the tale of a schoolmaster who catches two young women cheating on their final exam at Teacher’s School. He gives them the choice of taking spankings, or expulsion.Not wanting to lose their chance to become teachers, the girls take the spankings – which turn out to be a long hard over the knee paddling followed by a ruler spanking for each.Then each girl must go home and tell her family what she has done. This means a wooden spoon spanking in the kitchen from mother for one of the young ladies, and a serious woodshed strapping from a furious brother-in-law for the other.

But Mom has a few things to say to the schoolmaster about a propriety of his spanking her daughter. A trip to the schoolhouse ends NOT as Mom had intended, though, with her over the schoolmaster’s knee – and his desk – as well.


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