lottery ticket spanking

The Lottery Ticket


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

Talk about bad luck! Erica drops into her husband’s workshop to find out if he needs anything at the market and just then, the doorbell rings. Erica goes to get the door – and leaves her purse on the workbench – and the cell phone rings. Steve – being a good husband – answers the phone… and finds a lottery ticket. This has come up before – and Steve quickly realizes that talking about the situation – his strategy in the past, has NOT worked. So he goes to good old-fashioned “talking,” which consists of a hard spanking, first with hand then with a nice sturdy wooden paddle. Erica has not only bought tickets she was not supposed to, but spends the first half of her spanking trying to lie her way out of it… not particularly smart. Or as Steve points out, playing the lottery is not too lucky for you.

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