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The Guessing Game


Length: 13 Minutes
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Product Description

A first for Spanking Epics! A mini movie based on one of author Bethany Burke’s most popular stories ever, “The Guessing Game.” It’s a “domestic discipline” classic! (You can read the full text of the story by clicking here!)

When Marie’s husband John interrupts her at work, it does not look good. Particularly because he has a switch in his hand. Problem is, Marie hasn’t a clue what she’s done.

John decides that Marie will learn much more from the punishment if her memory is, ahem, encouraged a bit. So, instead of TELLING her why she’s going to be spanked, they play a little game… a guessing game.

This should work well in theory, but, in practice things turn out a bit differently. Seems like Marie’s been particularly careless lately, and, unfortunately, for her and her poor bare bottom, she ends up confessing to quite a number of things. Things her husband did NOT know about. And now he does. Sucks for her.

Things are finally resolved, but not before Marie is treated to a serious session which includes a genuine switching, hand and paddle spanking, as well as corner time.

If you like serious domestic discipline stories, this one’s for you.