Candy Striper Spanking

The Candy Striper


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

Three of the most popular spankers in Spankingland, Keith Jones, Steve Fuller, and Sam Hill join forces to make the funniest piece of spanking film anyone has ever produced. Ever. Anywhere.

In this medical spanking scene, two attending physicians at Podunk Community Hospital do not inspire a great deal of confidence. But these doctors have one patient still alive, played in a riveting performance by Steve Fuller. Good thing Podunk has cute candy stripers, otherwise the hospital would be a total loss.

Our two doctors might not know much medicine but you can be doggone sure they’re going to maintain discipline . And when a candy striper, played by Sierra Salem, is caught trying to sneak beer to a comatose patient (and just how exactly does THAT work, you might wonder), there’s only one solution – spanking. And then – not to be left behind – our patient is miraculously brought out of the coma and gets into the act.

This is a light hearted spoof, so if you’re expecting serious discipline, you’ll be disappointed. But if you want to laugh until tears run down your face, while still seeing a very cute “nurse” get spanked by three different men, order this hot medical fetish spanking movie!