spare the rod punishment

Spare The Rod


Length: 12 Minutes
Starring Iris Cunningham and Hans Strumfield
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Product Description

We return to the traditional world of the Amish with “Spare the Rod.” As is the custom with Old Order Amish, their one-room schools are taught by unmarried women between 19 – 21 years of age. Ruth is in her first year as a teacher, and unfortunately there have been complaints. The older boys are taking advantage of her and misbehaving – badly. The bishop calls Ruth in for a “little talk.” She is reminded in the most effective way possible about just how discipline is to be maintained in Amish schools – and given a clear “first hand” demonstration. The bishop is a very hard spanker and Ruth is first hand spanked, then spanked with the school ruler and then the paddle. There’s little doubt that when Ruth leaves his study, she knows exactly what is expected of her. This 12 minute spanklet is almost non stop spanking…

This clip is not in the greatest of shape…. The only remaining footage was recovered from a damaged drive

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