Smokin Sisters Spanking

Smokin’ Sisters


Length: 12 Minutes
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Product Description

Pa: Where’d you get those cigarettes?

Sister: At the General Store! We’re old enough to buy them – and too old for spanking!

Pa: Not in this house! Now get these panties down – you’re gonna get it right on your bare bottoms.

Sister: Damn you paw, this hurts!

Pa: Don’t you sass me. You’re getting a whipping. You’re getting exactly what you got coming to you.

The Spanking Epics staff agrees that this is one of our favorite spanklets. The spankings are hard, the girls are cute and the dialogue is funny! Spanking sirens Isobel Wren and Sierra Salem join sultry BBW Raya Parker (our best BBW spanking babe) for long, hard hand spanking and butt belting at the hands of “Pa” (Steve Fuller) and also Grandpa (Sam Hill)