Redneck Spankers


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

We have two pretty girls ambling through the woods on a bright summer day, wearing summer dresses. Suddenly an old truck rears up behind them and out jumps two redneck looking guys. One grabs the nearest girl, and the other girl flees, being chased by his partner. He grapples her over to the bed of the truck and bends her over it, grabbing some rope and tying her up. Then he lifts her dress to reveal a very tight little butt with no panties. He starts smacking her ass very hard and quickly makes her bottom red. She is screaming and protesting that they were only there to pick berries. He doesn’t listen and soon takes off his thick leather belt and begins to swat her bum with it very hard indeed. After telling her they are going to have lots of fun with her, he picks her up and throws her into the bed of the truck, tying her in place so she can’t get away and goes off to find his buddy.

His buddy, meanwhile, has caught the other girl and is spanking her bear ass up against a tree, getting cross because she is struggling to get away so much. After a good amount of wrestling and spanking, with her ass already bright red, and his partner arrives with some rope to tie her wrists and then they lead her back to their truck.

Now they are both forced to endure yet another spanking and thrashing with the belt, before the two rednecks decide to take them back to their house. They shove them back into the truck, tied up again, and drive off whooping and hollering…