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Mrs. Thistlewaite and the Dirty Girl


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

After Mrs. Thistelwaite is forced to spank Rose and Grace for their inappropriate “play” in Mrs. Thistlewaite’s Hairbrush, Grace is sent to her room, leaving Rose alone. But it seems that the spanking did not have the desire effect on Miss Rose, and soon she’s being more inappropriate than ever.

When Mrs. Thistlewaite catches Rose engaging in the dreaded sin of “self-abuse” (masturbating!), she does what any self-respecting Victorian governess would do: a hard bare bottom spanking, followed by an embarrassing and thorough chastisement of the offending area of the body, first with a hand spanking and then with a very special little stick.


This spanklet is very explicit and may not be for everyone. But for all of you out there who have begged us to do some more explicit material, and, specifically, pussy spanking, this one is definitely for you!

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