Lucinda’s Confessions

Lucinda’s Confessions


Length: 115 Minutes
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Product Description

In a modern day magazine office, young reporter Lucy Myers confesses her desire to her co-worker to write something a lot more interesting than the travel journal articles she gets paid to write. Like what? Well, how about a really kinky fantasy about a young woman in Victorian times sent to live with a “guardian” with some very interesting tastes?Late that night, after the newsroom is dark and quiet, Lucy starts working on her fantasy, and we’re transported back to Victorian times to see what Lucy really wants. A strict governess, a no-nonsense guardian, a tutor with a cane… And the final scene between Lucinda and Charles is – we believe – the most erotic spanking scene every filmed!This DVD takes spanking video to a new technical high. We believe it is the most technically advanced spanking video ever shot. We used three Canon digital cameras. It is in widescreen format, with Digital surround sound. With authentic period costumes from a top Hollywood costume shop, great acting, hot spanking, Lucinda’s Confessions is a video not to be missed.

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