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Left At The Barbecue


Length: 11 Minutes
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Product Description

You’d think the a young wife who is already in a domestic discipline relationship would KNOW what happens when she ignores a perfectly reasonable request from her loving husband. You’d think it, but no. THIS young lady is NOT the brightest bulb on the tree. Angelique and Celt, hot newcomers and a real life couple, star together in this great domestic discipline spanklet, joined by Renee Evans.

Angelique has been warned sternly by her husband that they can go to the party, but because of early plans the next morning, they have to leave early in the evening. Angelique agrees, but once surrounded by her gossiping girlfriends, she loses track of time and her responsibilities. Before she knows it, she’s “Left at the BBQ.” Catching a ride home with Renee, she soon finds that the presence of her girlfriend does not dissuade Celt from giving not one, but two hard bare-bottom spankings, first to the shocked Renee, and then to his own dear wife.