Kitchen Frolics


Length: 17 Minutes
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Product Description

Introducing: Lavender and Monty

Lavender, our resident naughty niece is up to her tricks again. This time she is making a huge mess in the kitchen, supposedly baking some bread. Instead of baking, however, the delicious redhead starts to strip off her clothes, revealing some very lovely lingerie. She carries on with making her bread, spreading flour everywhere, and proceeds to take off her lingerie bit by bit until she is completely naked. Then the frolics really start as she pours oil over her breasts and proceeds to coat them in the flour, making a huge mess on the floor and counter. After more playing around, she pours oil on her bare ass and sits in the flour, laughing at how she is going to bake it up and feed it to the household. She is waddling in the flour on top of the counter when her Uncle comes through the front door and discovers the awful mess she is making. He is furious that she has made such a mess, and demands to know what she has been up to. Her feeble excuses do nothing to abate his temper, and he immediately starts to spank her over the counter very hard, making her ass start to glow red even through the coating of white flour ! Lavender keeps up with her weak claims of innocently making bread, but they only serve to make her Uncle even more angry and he smacks her ass harder, even grabbing a thick, wooden spatula at one point. By the time he is done, poor Lavender’s butt is glowing a deep red and looking quite sore…