ginger anal surprise

Ginger Surprise!


Length: 16 Minutes
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Product Description

Most of our “Spanklets” are fantasy stories, little “mini-movies” with story themes. Ginger Surprise is different. Many of you have been asking for more realistic offerings from “real” couples, and this is the first in that series.

Starring a real DD couple, Renee and Sam, Ginger Surprise shows a couple who is enjoying a bit of novelty play with a traditional accompaniment to spanking: a ginger “fig” is inserted – no nonsense – into a young lady’s bottom. Traditionally called “figging,” this was done to force the miscreant NOT to clench her bottom cheeks while being spanked. In our spanklet, there’s no punishment theme or story (thought our young lady gets pretty uncomfortable there for a little while!) and their play does include spanking while the fig is inserted.

This spanklet ends with explicit sexual activity as a very turned on Renee is brought to orgasm by her partner.

Please be aware that this is a very explicit spanklet. Do not order it if this sort of play offends you.