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Dinner Date Disaster


Length: 26 Minutes
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Product Description

This rather hilarious video features the resident maid, Amy, attempting to serve dinner for her employer and his guest. She starts off by clumsily serving glasses of water, then fumbles around trying to open the bottle of wine. Her employer is clearly frustrated with her actions and takes over popping the cork of the wine. When she attempts to pour the wine, she spills it over the table leading to her being bent over the table and spanked in front of the guest…After that things go from bad to worse as it is discovered she cooked a frozen pizza instead of baking a pie, as he expected. He wastes no time and bends her over the table for a very sound spanking, in front of his guest, who seems to rather enjoy the performance. The poor maid is spanked with his hand over her skirt, her panties and finally her bare bottom. Then she is strapped with a heavy leather strop and finally smacked hard with a hairbrush, leaving her bottom a very bright red indeed.