Caught Red Handed Smoking and Spanked

Caught Red Handed!


Length: 10 Minutes
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Product Description

Sierra’s been sent to live with big brother Steve because of generally poor behavior, bad grades, and saucy attitude at home with mom and dad. But if Mom and Dad got too lenient with their college age daughter, big brother won’t be.

Only three days into the visit, Steve catches Sierra in the basement workshop making something for shop class. Only there’s a couple problems here – she’s not taking shop, the drill has no bit and it’s not plugged in. Something is up. And when Steve finds what Sierra was really up to, the spanking is long and hard.

Sierra is well-known for being able to take a REAL spanking – and this spanking will not disappoint. Any one that thinks a hand spanking can’t be DAMN hard, should watch this one. This spanklet is only ten minutes long, but it’s bare-bottom spanking from start to finish!

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