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Caught in the Forest


Length: 9 Minutes
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Product Description

Ellice, a very cute and tiny girl, is frolicking with her boyfriend in the woods on her Uncle’s Estate. Her boyfriend is worried about her Uncle catching her, as he is forbidden to see her. Of course, soon enough her Uncle comes looking for her and her boyfriend runs off. The Uncle discovers her and figures out she has been with the boyfriend and immediately bends her over. He raises her skirts and reveals a tight little bare bottom, which he starts spanking very hard. Even though the smacks soon make her cheeks red, he picks up a leather paddle and begins to thwack it across her ass, making her yelp and protest. Poor Ellice’s butt is now a bright red, but her Uncle is still not satisfied and takes off his thick leather belt, and applies a harsh beating with it, making her protest and promise to be good in the future. But he is still cross that she intends to see her boyfriend again, and, after a very hard 10 strokes with the belt, he marches her off to the house for a caning.