Brat Breana caught Shoplifting


Length: 24 Minutes
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Product Description

Well, our naughty little brat, Breana, the tiny brunette, has been up to her tricks again. This time, her Uncle has been called to fetch her from the Police Station for shoplifting. He is furious with her and wastes no time in pulling her over his lap and beginning a very long, hard spanking. At first, he spanks her over her panties, but when he finds more stolen panties in her purse, he yanks hers down and smacks her bare bottom, which is already beginning to turn a bright red from all the smacks so far…After a good, firm spanking over his knee, Breana is made to stand and bend over the chair for a very, very long whippin’ with his thick leather belt, ending with a final 20 strokes that she has to count out