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Another Bad Day for Naughty Lavender


Length: 26 Minutes
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Product Description

It’s another day of getting into trouble for naughty redhead, Lavender. This time, she is naked after a bath and plays with her bare pussy, uses a glass toy and snaps selfies with her phone.

Later on, her Uncle comes home and shows her that she sent the pictures to him by mistake. He is naturally very cross that she has sent him nude pictures, but even more furious that the pictures revealed she has had her nipples pierced and a tattoo on her leg. Lavender is quick to come up with her usual fabrication, that someone else must have got her pics somehow and was sending them out. Her Uncle wastes no time in pulling her over his knee and beginning a very long spanking. After a good many smacks over her panties, he stands her up and makes her strip naked and bends her over for even more spanking on her bare bottom, eventually picking up a hairbrush and making her squeal with some very hard swats to her very red and sore looking bottom. True to form, Lavender still claims at the end that she hasn’t done anything wrong at all, and her Uncle storms off to fetch some implements to give her a real thrashing…