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A Day in the Life of a Brat


Length: 54 Minutes
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Product Description

Featuring: Breana Shye, Monty Cockswell and Doc Smith

This full length video is a glimpse into a normal day in the life of our cute little brat, Breana Shye. Breana, is dozing in bed, when her Guardian comes in to the room and wakes her up. As she groggily attempts to come to, he shows her the empty booze bottles by her bed, and cross examines her about coming home after 2:00am drunk, and then raiding his booze cabinet. He turns her over and pulls down the blankets and starts spanking her little butt. It doesn’t take long for her cheeks to start to glow the familiar red, and her bratty responses to his questions ensure she is in for more punishment. When he is finished, her ass looks like its on fire, and she promises to do her chores and her college studies by the time he returns from his golf game.

The day carries on in much the same way, as her Guardian returns home later in the afternoon to find she has done nothing except play video games. This leads to a long spanking with his belt and a thick leather paddle, with Breana stripped naked and clutching a very sore bottom.

The evening proves to be even worse for little Breana, with a long severe punishment from her Guardian and his friend, whom Breana insulted at the Golf Club and stole his wife’s makeup. She is spanked over the knee by both, followed by a strapping and paddling, then stripped naked and soundly thrashed with the cane.